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  • Online Community Management

    Businesses serious about reaching their potential need to adapt to an online world. Have you a twitter account? A Facebook page? Are you sending out a few tweets here and there along with the odd post? It’s a start but you need more. We will radically change your online profile on social media sites.

    By promoting your business and engaging with your customers you will get more follows, more likes, more shares, more retweets and more business. And that is before we even get started on Pinterest and other social media sites!

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  • Public Relations

    At Hype and Holler we can also use traditional PR to get your business noticed. We have extensive links in newspapers throughout the country as well as with TV and radio stations. We don’t do tired and stale Press Releases.

    We give newspapers what they want so your business gets the coverage it needs. Video, audio, the written word. We do it all at Hype and Holler.

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  • Communication/Media Training

    Do your staff need training on how to communicate? Is your social media strategy up to speed? Are your employees comments online hurting your business? We offer intensive training courses in how to communicate online and the importance of the right type of engagement with customers.

    We also offer media training. We have worked in TV, radio and newspaper and know the best way to come across. If you need some media training look no further than Hype and Holler.

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  • Blogging

    Every business will need a blog. That is just a reality. But have you the time to do it? Probably not.

    Have you the time to make a two minute voice recording? Probably yes. Well, that is all that is needed – we will do the rest making sure to incorporate all your key words as links to ensure optimum SEO.

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  • Branding and Design

    Have an idea for a business and wondering where to look for inspirational design? We are experts in branding and design here at Hype and Holler. Using the best designers we can make your company stand out from the crowd.
    But perhaps you already have a business but are looking to shake things up? A gentle tweak here and a tuck there can make all the difference. We can freshen you up without losing your brand image.

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  • Web Design

    We now offer web design. We make responsive websites that work for you the customer. Whatever your business we can cater for your web design right here at Hype and Holler. We believe that when we build your website that you should be able to update it yourself when we are finished. So get in touch today and get what we can assure you will be a very competitive quote. Check out one we made earlier!



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