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What makes a good promo video?

What makes a good promo video?

For many businesses incorporating video into their digital marketing can be a scary proposition. Knowing where to start can be difficult. But the reality is that video simply has to become part of your present and future marketing. Just look at some of these trends for video in 2017 – it is here to stay and if anything its influence will only continue to grow.

The first thing you might want to think of is a promo video for your business. Now, there are a number of ways to look at approaching this and the type of business you run may dictate what approach you take. You can go all out and make a very high end production with moving image and so on. But you can also make a promo video from just images like we did here – Whatever approach you take you should keep in mind the following four things when producing a promo video:

1 – It should be eye catching and have a strong opening

Most videos on social media are not watched for more than five to seven seconds. The viewer wants to have something eye catching. If they don’t have their attention grabbed they are unlikely to keep watching unless they are already heavily invested in the brand/business.

2 – It should be able to be viewed without sound

85% of videos on FB are viewed without sound. That stat is, we believe, the most significant stat when it comes to organic content. People don’t really want to accept it because it involves a sea change in their approach but it can’t be ignored. It means if you have somebody speaking in your promo video then you need subtitles.

3 – It should have clear concise messaging

In point two we mentioned subtitles if people are speaking. Ideally we would advise not to have anyone speaking in a promo video. Instead we much prefer clear concise messaging. The instinct for any business/brand is to overload the viewer with information because you want to get as much great stuff about your company as you can across. The fact, however, is that less is more. Be concise and to the point with what you put on the screen.

4 – It should be short in length

90 seconds max. The less time it takes to get across your message the better. Again as in point three the instinct is to put in lots of content. But this can be detrimental. Put yourself in the shoes of the viewer. They don’t want an epic. They want something informative, short and to the point.



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