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Facebook, algorithms, ads and organic reach

Facebook, algorithms, ads and organic reach

When I first started off in digital marketing people would look wide eyed when I said that I got paid for managing people’s social media accounts. ‘You get paid to sit on Facebook and Twitter all day!!’ was the general response. I still get that reaction quite a bit. The general feeling is that posting on FB is easy….. sure we all do it don’t we. The second part is true the first part is not.

Obviously I might be accused of bias here but it is not just as straight forward as banging up a post on FB and away you go. Check out this blog which puts organic reach for business pages at anything from 2% to 6.5% of their page likes.

So a page with 1000 likes will reach around 65 people per post over. The more likes you have the closer to the 2% the average reach is. Facebook decide what posts their users see Рin 2016 they explained changes to their algorithm that meant businesses would  find it harder to get their posts seen.

Alongside this Facebook have rolled out more and more ways for you to pay to advertise your business on their platform. There is no doubt they want businesses to put their hand in their pocket and pay – it is much better value to advertise here than in a lot of medium but that is for another post. This post is concentrating on organic reach which is unpaid for posting. Facebook will still award good creative content. So this is what you must concentrate on creating. It really is the only show in town.

The instinct of businesses when they first set up on Facebook is to talk about what they do in post after post after post. They are usually quite corporate and stuffy too. These approaches are a sure fire way of killing your reach. Brands and businesses have to realise that in order to be successful on FB they need to act like individuals; they need to have a personality. So show people what your business is about in a human way. Be funny, be off the cuff, be real, be interesting. People’s primary reason for going on social media is to be engaged so you better be engaging.


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