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Every business wants to be on the first page. But it won’t happen over night and it won’t happen without a clear plan. Online competition is intense. Google now use over 200 signals in their algorithm to calculate where you should rank. Last year there were over 540 quality improvements to their search algorithm alone. All this means your SEO has to be right. Take a look at some of the things we do in the area of SEO.

  • Key Word Market Research. We look at what is working in your industry and match that with your SEO goals.
  • We undergo a through analysis of your website and its structure to to see how it fares against the search engine algorithms. And if needed we can recommend improvements.
  • We know how to tailor your content so it ticks all the SEO boxes. Killer content is not only engaging, it also gets you ranked highly. With our help you can do both.
  • A vital part of SEO is getting your business out there on the web. We know the influencers and publishers that will help your business gain the credibility that it deserves.